While employed I kept hearing the great debate, economic downfall, recession, vs others who say its all hogwash. and now, here I am on the unemployed side and it doesn’t feel like hogwash.

It’s been 4 weeks since the “can” day and UI still not approved. Family says not to worry my circumstances are exactly what UI is for and that they are just short-handed. They being the state.

I fill my days looking for work, anything, even contractor work but no nibbles and word has it there are 100 of me for every job posted. Hard to get past that crowd when many of the hiring sites use forms with no section for pitching yourself apart from the sea of many.

REbuild and redesigned my website. I was surprised how much Id forgotten code-wise. spoiled in my last job mostly design and barely code.

I use html, CSS, javascript and PHP but my skills in the latter two are so minor I dont feel its right to call my self a web developer and I am surprised to see some companies still list web developer jobs as web designer jobs even when MEGA code is required.

Ive always been told that employers who want it all either dont care about quality or are so out of touch with what peoples real skills are that they don;t understand jack of all is master of none.

But master of all is what they all seem to want.

I know coders who say they can write javascript but never wrote a line from scratch in their lives…they do what I do, acquire scripts and tinker them into what they need. But employers who dont understand javascript never know the difference. Even so, I dont have the kahoonies to bald face lie and call myself a javascript queen. Im not.. So I minimize instead of maximize my coding skillset when I apply.

Im a designer and proud of it. My coding skills enhance that. It should be enough. will be enough for the right team of people.