Baby kittens no more. My little kittens are the equivalent of teens. Still into anything that suits their fancy, but now with a sullen pout, and a “I don’t care what you say” attitude so reminiscent of my sons as teens.

Little bear is insouciant, and though the smaller of the two, he IS the defacto dominant puss (for the moment). Fat Freddy, whose name I can never settle on even now that he is over 6 months old, is quite the lady. Yes, I know he is a boy, but he is ever the damsel in distress. Oh save me mommy from my little bully brother! And despite his large size, he is convinced he is demur. He comes in dainty, flops on the floor, rolling belly up with little soft paws begging to have his tummy rubbed. And dare I say it, he is somewhat the coquette. I swear its true.

Little bear, little bully, despite his lack of balls, is ever the male between the two. He LORDS it over his larger brother and gives no quarter to his brothers’ plea when little bear decides to bite too hard.

And the jealousy! OH my! Should I not pet prince bully first, but instead lift up and caress the sweet softness of fat freddies adoring head, when down he goes, little bear slaps him so! As if it were fat freddies bad to have usurped little bears turn!

At times I am amused by their antics, at times bewildered and at times annoyed. I am a typical human, so deficient in my knowledge of the ways of the cat. I understand they have their own ways, but sometimes I find myself annoyed by the way little bear treats his brother, ensuring he remains submissive. Yet I know if he did not, this is exactly what fat freddie would do to him, for at one time, the roles were reversed.

I have to understand and accept that they operate on a more primal level. There is no equality between brothers in their world. One must rule. One must have ones territory and ensure everyone understands their limits in access to it. Access being granted. And in being granted..isnt that in itself a sign of some sophistication, some thought being given beyond, this is mine?

The thing I enjoy most is their affection for one another. And the range of emotions. I think that alone is the thing that sometimes makes me wonder if cats will one day take one more evolutionary step forward. Oh don’t laugh. You know there was a time when humans were as primal, emotions activated on reactionary levels, and then through the process of evolution emotion and considered thought came hand in hand.

I see my cats range of emotion extremely interesting. I swear, aside from jealousy, I’ve seen pride, happiness, disappointment, surprise, momentary fear (on those rare occasions when freddie has snuck up and scared bear silly), delight, annoyance, anger, pensiveness, excitement, apologetic (when bear has scared the bejesus out of freddie and felt bad for it) and more cross my little cats face. Perhaps bear is the dominant puss, not just because he chooses to bite harder, but because on some level he is thinking harder on this or that and it comes across as intelligent emotion?

I don’t know. I suppose it doesn’t matter. As long as my little purr balls are content, I suppose, I am too. We just have to get through the teens!