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Ive been researching alternate career options because the one I am in has become such a dead end.

Web designers used to design and build static websites. Most jobs Ive seen advertised expect a website designer to also be the website developer with an lot of experience with PHP, MYSQL and more. These expectations are rediculous until  you see where companies are getting the idea that you should be a jack of all trades.

I followed one colleges graphic design path. It started with traditional design and then deviated to cover a path in bindery, traditional print, web design as user interface designer, and finally web developer.

So, I’ve got a choice, try to learn code, starting with a basic language called Alice, which has nothing to do with website development or change my career altogether.

When I was younger I loved the way code worked. I learned a little basic, a little Amiga basic, but I found the tight structuring of the teachers too had to stay in the box! and honestly, I wasnt as good as the other kids. I was better at design.

If I don’t want to go back to school to become a developer, what else can I do, hmm, nothing unless I go back to school for something else. What do I want to do? Something that has a job at the end of it, something that makes me feel like Im giving something to the good of people not just the good of some ones wallet.

I keep hearing how medically related jobs are never going away even when the country is in recession so I started looking at this area. No, I dont want to be a nurse, a doctor, or a CNA. Note I said related!

I think I would love medical receptionist because I would get to help someone and contribute a little to making them feel better. Yes, I suppose somewhere its about someones bottom line, but I think the bottom line isnt so in your face  like it is with design.

In design, if your latest advertisement doesn’t make money, first your companies GM blames the writer, then  blames the designer, then when the GM has no one to blame because she’s been rewriting and redesigning everything everyone does, well then she blames the outgoing costs. Next thing you know your out because they hired someone, behind your back, at half the price.

Which brings me back to new careers.

I still love creating art. Im just tired of doing design for people where my craft is subjected to someones mood, PMS, or reaction to their bosses negativity regarding the bottom line. I am not the farmers dog.

So, my thinking is, become a medical receptionist, or a medical biller, and create designs and tutorials for my own pleasure. Write an online book of how-to-dos. And like my son said, pick up little jobs for design on the side. I think that would make me happy.

Plus, medically related jobs, at least there are lots of those out there!

Wish me luck. Im still researching the avenues and paths to this option in hopes I can make it work.

My next steps are

1) move in with son in November.  I cant afford my own place anymore.  My savings is depleted and UI just doesn’t cover the full cost of living in my own place.

2) Sign up with workforce retraining. I need to find out if I qualify for any retraining funding or can keep my UI while I  go to college for retraining ( even if I will have to pay for myself).

3) Apply for, and hope I qualify for financial aid with the college and make sure I get all my old college transcripts to them. The problem with financial aid is that if you already have a degree, and I do, then its not as easy to get financial aid even when you are borrowing.

4) hope that I havent missed the window that lets me start this in the spring. I already missed the winter window because I didnt think of this sooner. Better late than never?


I try very hard not to let my current situation get to me. But some days, it’s just so hard.

It’s getting depressing searching for jobs when the economy is so bad and nothing is out there to even apply for.

Some days my optimism overrides the truth of the current state of things and I have a shining hope.

Somedays I just want to cry.

If I don’t find a job, I will lose my apartment. Where will I put all my things? I know I can stay with my oldest son, but he lives with his girlfriend and to me, it just feels like an imposition for them both.  I am grateful for the offer… but the environment  just doesn’t seem to have the same kind of peace that I’ve learned to crave.

Will I end up being one of those old people by the side of the freeway off ramps, beggars sign in hand?

Will I even be able to get a burger flipping job when all else fails? I can’t help noticing, some of the people in the drive-thru window are older than me!

And if I flipped burgers, I’d have money coming in, but I’d never have my own home…min wage, doesn’t even begin to pay for rent, utilities, and put food on the table, even with regard to the apartments in the bad neighborhoods.

Other days I am not this morose. Other days I can see all the roses in every possibility from flipping burgers to living with my son and his lovely lady.

I guess I have to have these days, so that I can more deeply appreciate the days when my mood is higher.

They say keeping a journal is good for the mind. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here I am, sign in hand, graphic web designer, will work for moola!