The forthcoming demise of my sister-in-laws mother has made me think about how much things have changed in so little time.

Im only 50 but I remember life before todays modern washers and dryers.

For example, I remember when I was a kid of around 11 or so, we didn’t have washers and dryers as we know them now. Im not saying no one else had one. I dont really know. I never saw one until I was 13 or 14. But I remember clearly what we did because it was all my dad, an airforce man, could afford.

Our “washer” was a ringer machine and you used it in the basement. it was electric and it churned the clothes back and forth, it didn’t spin out and didn’t drain automatically. Instead, you set a timer, or kept and eye on your washer for however long you wanted to wash.

I used a stick to push the clothes down and around a little…to help the machine get everything good and soaked. If the power was out, well then,  the stick came in very handy to churn the clothes around with, but it wasnt easy, wet clothes can be very heavy to churn armed with only the might of an 11 year old arm and the power of a stick.

When ready to ring,I unhooked the drain tube and placed it down to the floor near the drain hole in the basement. This could be messy if one was not experienced as the water didn’t politely wait to shoot out of the drain tube. You had to be fast and make sure you didn’t squirt your mum with the bloody thing on its way down or risk getting quite a smack upside your head.

Next, ready to rinse, I filled the washer tub again with another hose which was connected to the faucet above the  two giant, ugly, old, tin-looking sinks,  people would have used in the “way old days” before electricity. Yes, imagine that, to wash clothes by hand, some old houses were so modern they had built in sinks in the basement! 

When I was satisfied the soap was all out, I would drain again and turn the ringer on so I could feed the clothes through it to ring them out before  hanging up to dry. In winter we hung the clothes on basement clothes lines, and on backyard clothes lines in other seasons.

Sounds lovely archaic but it was scary for a kid. One had to be careful, of that ringer, because your hair, your fingers, or even your arm could get pulled into that bloody thing and it did some damage if it got you. I was lucky, the one time it grabbed my long hair, my mom was there to turn it off. It literally could have torn the hair out of my head. Scary fucking machine. I HATED IT.

I remember times when Carl and I were married, apartments didn’t have washer and dryers in them. Sometimes we didn’t have the money to go to the laundromat and I would wash clothes in the bathtub before hanging them to dry on a rack. It didn’t take an hour to dry. If it wasn’t warm enough to put the rack on the back patio, it could take days for a pair of jeans to completely dry standing in a bathtub.

And just think, my grannies generation, when they were kids, if you couldn’t afford the ringer you always had the old tub and scrubbing board that great granny grew up with. Or if you were lucky, basement wash sinks!

Only four generations of change. We take so much for granted. And I am so spoiled, I won’t even rent an apartment if it doesn’t come with a washer and dryer! But Im not ashamed of my love of this luxury. Tongue in cheek, armed with past experience, I know what to do it civilization falls. 😉


Saw Thoq running from the plaguelands, stopped dead in my tracks because this was an ogre of mighty size and I didnt know of any ogres in tristfal, let alone players who could be ogres.

I said How? he said his mother and father loved each other very much and that was how he came to be. Oh I thought that was terribly funny, but then THOQ told me he had an ogre icon and sent me his blog url.

THis is a must see! Very funny and its obvious Thoq is having a LOT of fun!

Check out Thoqs diary. But go to the bathroom first, you don’t wanna pee your pants!

Baby kittens no more. My little kittens are the equivalent of teens. Still into anything that suits their fancy, but now with a sullen pout, and a “I don’t care what you say” attitude so reminiscent of my sons as teens.

Little bear is insouciant, and though the smaller of the two, he IS the defacto dominant puss (for the moment). Fat Freddy, whose name I can never settle on even now that he is over 6 months old, is quite the lady. Yes, I know he is a boy, but he is ever the damsel in distress. Oh save me mommy from my little bully brother! And despite his large size, he is convinced he is demur. He comes in dainty, flops on the floor, rolling belly up with little soft paws begging to have his tummy rubbed. And dare I say it, he is somewhat the coquette. I swear its true.

Little bear, little bully, despite his lack of balls, is ever the male between the two. He LORDS it over his larger brother and gives no quarter to his brothers’ plea when little bear decides to bite too hard.

And the jealousy! OH my! Should I not pet prince bully first, but instead lift up and caress the sweet softness of fat freddies adoring head, when down he goes, little bear slaps him so! As if it were fat freddies bad to have usurped little bears turn!

At times I am amused by their antics, at times bewildered and at times annoyed. I am a typical human, so deficient in my knowledge of the ways of the cat. I understand they have their own ways, but sometimes I find myself annoyed by the way little bear treats his brother, ensuring he remains submissive. Yet I know if he did not, this is exactly what fat freddie would do to him, for at one time, the roles were reversed.

I have to understand and accept that they operate on a more primal level. There is no equality between brothers in their world. One must rule. One must have ones territory and ensure everyone understands their limits in access to it. Access being granted. And in being granted..isnt that in itself a sign of some sophistication, some thought being given beyond, this is mine?

The thing I enjoy most is their affection for one another. And the range of emotions. I think that alone is the thing that sometimes makes me wonder if cats will one day take one more evolutionary step forward. Oh don’t laugh. You know there was a time when humans were as primal, emotions activated on reactionary levels, and then through the process of evolution emotion and considered thought came hand in hand.

I see my cats range of emotion extremely interesting. I swear, aside from jealousy, I’ve seen pride, happiness, disappointment, surprise, momentary fear (on those rare occasions when freddie has snuck up and scared bear silly), delight, annoyance, anger, pensiveness, excitement, apologetic (when bear has scared the bejesus out of freddie and felt bad for it) and more cross my little cats face. Perhaps bear is the dominant puss, not just because he chooses to bite harder, but because on some level he is thinking harder on this or that and it comes across as intelligent emotion?

I don’t know. I suppose it doesn’t matter. As long as my little purr balls are content, I suppose, I am too. We just have to get through the teens!

I woke to flashes of light and the hope of a drumming storm. It was hours later before the rain came with the far off distant rumble of thunder. 

I have never welcomed the fall, nor the winter, but always reveled in  warm summer rains. In my young days rushing out with no umbrella to let the freshness of it wash over me, renewing my spirit.

It’s not as fresh as it was 30 or 40 years ago, now bearing bits of smog, dust from traffic, bits of human skin..yes even that dust finds its way outside…so many more humans per mile then times before… it does not smell the same. But even so, it is still fresher than the heat wave just passed. Fresher than the air which hung stagnant in smog the day before. And still greatly loved and appreciated.

I don’t go out this it the arthritis, or the Pjs I dont want neighbors to see me in?

It doesnt matter. I enjoy the smell of it the sound of it, doors and windows full open.

I only wish the thunder were closer, the mornings lightening richer. A little storm after a heat wave, is always welcome.

While employed I kept hearing the great debate, economic downfall, recession, vs others who say its all hogwash. and now, here I am on the unemployed side and it doesn’t feel like hogwash.

It’s been 4 weeks since the “can” day and UI still not approved. Family says not to worry my circumstances are exactly what UI is for and that they are just short-handed. They being the state.

I fill my days looking for work, anything, even contractor work but no nibbles and word has it there are 100 of me for every job posted. Hard to get past that crowd when many of the hiring sites use forms with no section for pitching yourself apart from the sea of many.

REbuild and redesigned my website. I was surprised how much Id forgotten code-wise. spoiled in my last job mostly design and barely code.

I use html, CSS, javascript and PHP but my skills in the latter two are so minor I dont feel its right to call my self a web developer and I am surprised to see some companies still list web developer jobs as web designer jobs even when MEGA code is required.

Ive always been told that employers who want it all either dont care about quality or are so out of touch with what peoples real skills are that they don;t understand jack of all is master of none.

But master of all is what they all seem to want.

I know coders who say they can write javascript but never wrote a line from scratch in their lives…they do what I do, acquire scripts and tinker them into what they need. But employers who dont understand javascript never know the difference. Even so, I dont have the kahoonies to bald face lie and call myself a javascript queen. Im not.. So I minimize instead of maximize my coding skillset when I apply.

Im a designer and proud of it. My coding skills enhance that. It should be enough. will be enough for the right team of people.

Sad to say my oldest, Michael, just found out his lovely lady lost the baby that they both really wanted… but they aren’t sure how it happened. She was only 6-8 I guess you could lose it and not know it until you had a blood test? Ive never lost a baby so I don’t know anything more than how sad it is.

My son Jason lost a baby too several years ago his first when his lady was about 3-4 months. when you really want the baby it doesnt matter if its 8 weeks or 8 months, it hurts.

This is one place where a mom doesnt know how to help. I hope they will some day try again but I can understand if there is a reluctance to pursue another chance. My fingers are crossed that maybe they will.

The most addicting, never ending, roleplaying game where you can socialize do battle with npcs or real time players. Check it out!

me, languishing in wait of the forthcoming liche king!

Trying to set the timezone with word press but all get are UTC options that Im not familiar with, wheres the pacific time zone, come one..I only know english!