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In the beginning I didn’t have a clue about using the AH, then muttering aloud to myself ingame, I indicated I was losing more than gaining on the Auction House. A passerby hearing my lament told me of an auction house addon and sent me to the curse. The, the wow lovers paradise, IF you know what to look for, AND stay away from out dated addons.

I don’t use the “latest” AH addon because it garbles up the parts of the WOW AH that works just fine thank you very much.

I don’t need or want to change the look of the AH UI, I just need to know the going rate based on vendor resale value, vs original vendor purchase value (what you would pay a vendor), and what the item might traditionally go for on the AH.

Be careful about using the AH all time high as any kind of a guide as it records the most an item has ever sold for, and not necessarily, the items average realistic value.

Some folks find it funny to stuff the AH with items for 345G when the value is more like 23S. NOOBS then see the inflated value, post items too high, while the bloater comes in with additional items at the more realistic rate. Indeed, perhaps even priced a little above the normal rate and make a killing. Meanwhile the NOOB whose eyes were bright at the prospect of easy gold is left hanging with many items unsold back in their pocket sans the AH fee.

Sounds like real life sometimes.

So what you really want to do is watch the vendor rates and get familiar with the AH by using it, and learning by experience and what you see there.

Most of the time, asking for just a little more than a vendor would sell will net you a gain. There are however exceptions to the rule….exceptions where you really can dream of selling for obnoxious prices, IF you hit the right day. Swifthistle for example is really hard to come by. I’ve seen some sell a single plant for 4g. Swifthistle isnt a plant you can easily grind for as it only ocasionally appears when you harvest briarthorne and mage royal.

Rogues love this plant as it is the only plant they can brew, and the only plant that results in a tea that renews their energy. Hence the price gouging on AH for it.

I personally will never pay 4g for it, not even if one of my alts can afford it. Instead I keep my eye out for it and whenever its presented at a reasonable price, even if little high I will snag it. ALternatively grinding the above named plants will yield a small, but useful bounty.

Another item that historically goes for unrealistic high amounts of gold is wool. Tailors need it, and it never seems to be prolific when its required for some bit of clothing to be made. Pay the G IF your alt is made of money, otherwise, go grind for it in the old english forest just down the road from Stormwind, Goldshire. Horde not recommended in Goldshire unless you are unflagged for PVP as its is alliance territory and seems to attract all the kill crazy young ones regardless of the server realm!

Another secret of the AH I learned the hard way, if selling in quantity, do it at the end of the week or on saturday (th, fri, sat). And dont sell in bulk. Instead of selling 20 silk for 4G, break it up into lots of say 4 and offer it for say 60 silver. THere are two reasons to do this, one, you have to consider who your buyer is. Most often your buyer is someone looking to level up a skill, probably only needs a few, and a level 20 isnt going to have large qty of gold. Better to sell to 5 level 20s then to hope you will get lucky and laiden by some level 70 looking for a bargain. Level 70s have the G, but they arent looking at leveling, so they don’t need what you have, unless you’re a level 70 selling what they need. Basically, consider this, if you are a level 29 grinding silk, chances are your seller is also going to be a level 29 and probably doesnt have a sugar daddy guild shelling out gold, even if you do!

THe second reason to break your quantity into smaller lots is a nifty little marketing strategy. Twelve items at 23s just looks more affordable than one lot of 12 items selling for 3-4 gold. This is true even when the larger lot is the greater bargain. How can that be you ask? Again, two reasons, one, most people don’t want to do the math. And people looking to level usually just need 4-5 not 12 so even if 12 offers a slightly better deal, you’re going to see a pass.

Im not saying no one buys in quantity. I used to do just that until I realized it was better to get just what I needed, and have money left over for something else.

Yes, you can sell the extra back on the AH and that works some of the time, unless the market gets an influx of what you want to sell and offers their items for less than yours.

So many variables, so little time. You can get what you need and play the game, or, maybe the AH is your game!

The secret of the acution house, INMHO, in a nutshell, stay a little above the original vendor price, don’t get greedy unless its an item like swiftthistle and there isnt any to be found in the AH, supply and demand. Watch the days you sell, more players are online end of the week than early in the week. Don’t sell in bulk unless you’ve got something hard to find and in demand. Remember your buyer is most likely at or just below your level. If you dont have 4g to throw at it, don’t assume your buyer will.

Buyers: For the most part only buy what you need unless the larger lot is at a reasonable price and you really can use all of it. If you play in a guild, or like me, have lots of alts, keep your eye out for items like swiftthistle that often sell for unrealistic prices and snap it up if and when you see it at a reasonable rate. You’re finesse here can aid your alts, or, your fellow guildmates.

White, green, blue and you
You’ve been on the battlefield, or garnered your plunder from a great quest, and now you are ready to sell. White items dont go as easily as green, blue or greater unless you under sell the original vendor sale price.

Im not sure why white is so often overlooked, because Ive often purchased white items, and though having no magical qualities, was perhaps a higher armor rating than the more expensive green item.

In fact, it often seems to me, that people selling green or blue items, for example, have an exaggerated sense of the items worth. And I suppose they do manage to sell to folks who automatically think green is better than white. Sometimes it is, often, based on an over-rated value, its not. But judge for yourself.

Good luck.


Saw Thoq running from the plaguelands, stopped dead in my tracks because this was an ogre of mighty size and I didnt know of any ogres in tristfal, let alone players who could be ogres.

I said How? he said his mother and father loved each other very much and that was how he came to be. Oh I thought that was terribly funny, but then THOQ told me he had an ogre icon and sent me his blog url.

THis is a must see! Very funny and its obvious Thoq is having a LOT of fun!

Check out Thoqs diary. But go to the bathroom first, you don’t wanna pee your pants!